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Combining three aspects of yoga

In this manner Kirpal Singh was able to combine the three aspects of Yoga (physical, mental, spiritual) without producing confusion or excess effort caused by too many exercises of the physical and mental type. It already becomes clear, that a system aiming to encompass all aspects would be very complex, rigid and cumbersome, as is the case with most forms of Yoga.

I won't be describing each Yoga system in detail, since the above diagram supplies sufficient understanding of most of the Yoga forms. The diagram shows to which basic items the different Yoga systems are related and the kind of relations they have to each other. I will be describing other essential connections later on.

Here we see, that the term 'sahaj marg' (easy way), as is used by the Shri Chandra Mission, is quite similar to 'sahaj' as found in Kirpal Singh's yoga. However, the Shri Chandra Mission is established on highly traditional fundamentals, and is regarded as very questionable by sect commissioners. Nevertheless, I am straightforward in saying that Kirpal Singh's yoga may also be viewed in a highly critical manner.

There are an immense number of biographic reports done by followers of Kirpal Singh in India as well as from followers of other Yoga systems. Many of them attempt to alleviate the austerity and intricateness of this Yoga by using poetic or enthusiastic description, which often leads to an alienation from the essence of Yoga.

Such reports partially give the impression of being fairy tales that often climax in stating that Kirpal Singh had previous knowledge of all of the future events in the lives of his followers, which positioned him to actively - even if mostly invisibly - influence the events. But this phenomenon, known of in science as precognition (advance knowledge, 'clairvoyance'), was regarded as an 'interference of multiple correct achievements', but which appears to be 'incorrect' per se1.


1 Freud, S., GW IV; page 308

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