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Gaze-Image and Darshan

A face is only the frame of a ‚gaze-image'. However, just as any frame provides for a picture's true form, for its stay, or setting, it may be the face in the 'gaze-image' that provides for orientation. There are faces in which we are only mirrored, and which seduce us to positive or to negative emotions and only entangle us in dialectics of physiognomy.

On the other hand, there are faces that directly lead to the gaze, the sort that frames them so well and appropriately, because they carry a important name.

The gaze and the name in combination are then decisive. Kirpal Singh stressed this fact in his teaching hundreds of times, i.e. especially when referring to the darshan, the Guru's shining and blessing gaze, the SHINES (gaze) of a SPEAKS (name). This is the reason why I feel authorized to emphasize the 'gaze-image' as being substantial and significant in this story of the vision, of the "countenance" of Nanak.1

Thus, the truth is not only found in the image of the gaze, as here we happen across a gaze which not only produces a certain image, but also already initiates a name (within a frame), is supportive, or is even supported by it. Subsequently, the frame even becomes just as important, as it leads to the title of the imageand has become so a significant name. In an extreme case it accelerates the gaze's image as a SPEAKS: Once again is the SHINES ('gaze-image', 'Darshan') / SPEAKS (frame, Nanak's significance) divided / related.

Well, seven years later, in the year 1924, Kirpal Singh met his actual teacher, Sawan Singh. The former was viewing the river Beas to again enjoy the atmosphere of the murmuring, glistening body of water. He immediately thought to have recognized a similarity of his 'vision' with something ascribed to the physical aspect of his new and actual teacher. I would like to determine this (as explained just above) as a 'gaze-image'. It happened again to be the SHINES in the gaze of the man.

This SHINES, this darshan, immediately produces the image of something positive, indeed, of something shining, for which several different scientific explanations are available. I had explained above, it already was a multiple-perception. I also gave quotations of neuro-biological theories of perception, which establish a connection between the meeting with a gaze of the living 'master', and special control of the gaze.


1 It is here, that we find the importance of the „shining face", the holy countenance of the view of God in religion. It means a gaze which is looking forward, is facing and not only regarding.

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