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Relation of Primal Transference to Primal Repression

We only need to return to yoga, in order to gain a further understanding how primal transference and primal repression are related to another. It is not only the 'vrt' in Vritis, nor 'nada', nor 'mantra' that attempt getting to grips with the two basic principles by taking the perspective of symbolics and of the word-like.

There is always also a mystic name within Yoha, a godly descriptor, or a magic formula, such as 'rama'. They eventually heal ecstatically, and attempt to express what we call the 'Name of the Father' (in Lacan's terminology), or the paternal metaphore.

This is not about the physical father's name, but rather concerns the general principle of 'Father', which (more or less) was unmentionable in the Old Testatment. Resolution and achievement in the method are best met in all forms of yoga by repeating these names. Neither can pictures, nor works of art, nor great terms invoke or awaken in ourselves that which the actual 'father-metaphor', the 'name of names' (if I may take it in such an engrossed way) can achieve.

Kirpal Singh, as a child, was tormented by a question concerning the cremation of the dead: "Where does what was just there, had just been alive and speaking, and thus having had its own identifiable radiation, go? The body remains, but the soul, vitality, mentality, that frame of mind that had so strongly impressed us, where did it go?" Can this SHINING out not be saved through a SPEAKS?

This experience remained important to Kirpal Singh up into his manhood. He often related to this experience as having been a basic one, one that had brought about his search for God, for the primal principles or for this universal "Name of the Father". Whoever has seen the cremation locations in Varanasi (Benares) will surely have empathy. But in our countries, in nations influenced by the occident, hardly anyone in their later years would ask, where the soul as an ethereal substance goes after death.

To us, this appears to be a mystic-mythical expression and a vicinity of medieval beliefs, insufficient and childish differentiation.

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