On Discourse, Guilt and Shame Complexes

If no actual and profound conversation comes about, nor 'causality' is reached, then the same thing happens in yoga as does in the universitary discours or in an aborted psychoanalysis. Here, insight and confession of the truth are only achieved through an artificial conversation,

or an artificial confession by 'free association', and their interpretation - if analysis is conducted long enough (according to Freud: if need be, up to "never-ending analysis").

Guilt and shame complexes are sublimed, alleviated and lifted when the SHINES in the form of full 'attention of the Other' is combined with an equally full SPEAKS ... and does not participate in the game of desirables. In this way, the SHINES / SPEAKS may remain as a 'realistic direction', even at the end of a master's life. This leads us to understand, that this primal transference doesn't need to be dissolved.

But where is 'causality' to be found? Where is the point where everything is analyzed and solved to the ultimate causa? Is a pupil in yoga not suspended in sacred heights, because he is unconsciously there? It is possible to unconsciously reach ‚Sach Kand' (the highest realm in Surat Shabd Yoga), said Kirpal Singh, just as many psychoanalysts don't achieve the levels of pioneering spirit, Freud.

However, in Yoga the causal does experience -as we have yet to see - substantial change at the moment a follower is collaborate in and to continue his master's work. Actually, every pupil is called upon to do so. Kirpal Singh often quoted Christ in saying: "Follow me!" So while the 'Other's attention' is an important first step, we will see later on that there is a second step that is just as important, namely when dealing with the 'Other's assignment'.

This step makes a true comparison with psychoanalysis possible. Simultaneously, results from all of the above said indicate that there is no absolute, realistic conversation with the Other as such, unless it is at the border of the ability to speak (possibly even without wording). There, everything can be conveyed in the form of a science mandated to love, love in its cognitive-scientific form. So, we must find a solution in a new method for this combination (I am going to describe the term "Analytic Psychocatharsis" later on).