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Assignment through the Eyes

The term: 'through the eyes' is a mystical-metaphoric one. It attempts to express coincidence of the 'inner' and of the 'outer', a total SHINES / SPEAKS', whereby the slash, or fractional stroke ideally depicts the 'up' of the 'assignment'.

An 'assignment' of continuing psychoanalysis can rightfully only be felt by someone who has devoted himself to his own analysis and has continued with criteria and scientific understanding inherent to psychoanalysis.

A purely sociologic approach, such as was attempted by D. C. Lane for Surat Shabd Yoga, can't cope with the 'assignment' phenomenon. It would be ridiculous for an analyst (or any other scientist, or artist etc.) to be designated successor through a mere last will.

Analytic transference and its dissolution both center on bare inter-subjectivity which „needs to be articulated according to scientific criteria up to the state of it producing objectivity based on facts of comparable order in reality, and even with increased category: establishing a dimension of experience, the objective facts of which may be recognized as variables."1 A mathematic variable! Only clear scientific reference precisely expresses the subject matter.

No one can just designate a 'successor'. The expressions 'through the eyes' and 'spiritual', be they as mystical as they are, correspond exactly to the analytic procedure of lengthy own analysis and scientific work of similar length in theory and practice. You could also say, that the O / O comes from 'above', it is the peak of intellectual, scientific or mystical knowledge and rests in coincidence with a 'before' (objective facts) whose 'afterwards' (as a pure variable) is the pertinent person. Purely social methods of determination, even mythical scientific (ancient scientific) transactions, do not suffice here.


1 Lacan, J., Die Aggressivität in der Psychoanalyse, lecture at the XIth congress of French speaking psychoanalysts, mid-May, 1948, in Bruxelles.

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