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Primal Transference and Signifiers

... confirmed by a contemporary paper by E. Seifert.1 She shows that transference is a primal form and has hallucinatory properties in the deep and intense occurrence that I have called primal transference. Everyone has a little of such a primal transference inside, else we wouldn't be human.

The conditio humana consists exactly of this constitution of the unconscious, namely of a co- and counter-positioning of primal transference / primal repression (SPEAKS / SHINES). Freud goes into detail in how far perception as well as self-experience are influenced by hallucinatory wishful properties at the beginning.2

This Other with a capital 'O', the one called God in earlier times and of whom we speak of as being the location of language in psychoanalysis (because we have learned to speak through the guidance of such 'O's, our parents) is then pure structure within us, and thereby "He (God, the Other) is under the same influence of the signifier, is as limited as the subject himself...which also shows in the phenomenon of faith... in that the truth constantly presents itself in a disputable dimension."3

It shows in the aspect of forsakenness by God, which even Jesus Christ had to experience while on the cross. Moses' rejection at Nebo Mountain also illustrates this turnabout of God to alienation, or cruelty by the Other. God, the Other, needs then to leave us at a decisive moment of our development, but, in a way that maintains a supporting structure.

Jesus Christ does not fall into hell, or to a terrible death, but transcends to the structure of the SHINES / SPEAKS itself. We can retrieve him in this way, and only in this way. In such a way, and only in such a way, are we to interpret Sawan Singh's departure from the 'astral-mental' (-causal) level, so that Kirpal Singh is left behind with only one causal element, namely to continue with the work, with the pure structure.


1 Seifert, E., Vom Fluidum zur Libido. Der halluzinatorische Charakter der Übertragung, in Tholen, G. C., Übertragung - Übersetzung -Überlieferung, Transkript (2001) page 323. [From Fluidum to Libido. The hallucinatory Property of Transference; transference-interpretation-tradition; the translator]

2 Freud, S., GW XIV, page 8: ‚I assumed, that occupying innervations are sent to the completely permeable W-Bw system in quick periodic impulses and then retracted again. As long as the system is occupied in such a manner it receives accompanying perceptions of the conscious and relays excitement further on to the subconscious memory systems ... This seems to be as if the subconscious would stretch feelers out to the exterior world by using the W-Bw system, and which retract after they have processed their excitement.'

3 Lacan, J., Séminaire No. XIV, lecture on 15 Feb., 1967, notes page 133

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