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Assignment and ARE-VID-EOR

After all, when it comes to such a basic and impressive experience such as near-death, then the SHINES / SPEAKS are adjacent to each other. Attention and the Other’s assignment are combined to a “Look at it!”,

The Process of Dying!!! The Process of Living!!!'. Or they combine to some other intensive call, ‘sound-word’, writing on the wall or to some ‘Up!’, the most precise SPEAKS. However, mystics speak of the thereafter, of an experience said to be made in a world thereafter.

But it is only the case of the echo-discourse’s mirror-gaze, a subsequent combination of pleasure and death. Why call it ‚the thereafter’? The question of ‘who am I?’ always lurks within the human being.

How can I actually see myself? How can I see myself as the absolute Other's eye does? How, as an objective Other would, (Bitte prüfen) as an “otherwordly looking” one could?

But, no other is really that objective or absolute. In a certain way you are seen from everywhere, constantly stand in sight by the world, or in the world’s SHINES. However, it is not possible for you to actually see yourself in this picture puzzle, or world’s maze of mirrors.

A minimum of verbosity or rhetoric would be necessary for this. Instances of highest suspense, fright, or of perfectly ardent meditation of a FORMULA – WORD cause a scant SPEAKS to emerge from the SHINES: It is like a ‚tat dvam asi’, or ‚that’s who you are’.

Such an Other’s assignment is, of course, not that much overly motivating news, but it already is a beginning ‘Up! Carry it!’. Maybe it is only the beginning of a final Other’s ‘assignment’, its language sounding strange, even though it's your own.

At least it doesn’t require a thereafter, even if though it appears to be from somewhere-completely-else; the Thereafter probably just another superficial ‘understood to well’, a manifestation of a too intensive invocation, title or name. Just as in ‘SEX’, for example.

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