Analytic Psychocatharsis

... combining meditation with science


Improved Meditation with ARE-VID-EOR

What distinguishes this method of Analytic Psychocatharsis from Surat Shabd Yoga is so an improved support by the intellect and by our Western culture. Why not – while in meditation with ARE – VID – EOR – think, re-think, question and re-read? There are so many Sant Mat ‚masters’ who fail due to the triviality and naivety of their formulations.

They can’t say why this or that Sanskrit name is favored, or they simply refer to tradition. They need to use the fantastic and unscientific language of theosophy, or of other esoteric philosophies. Nevertheless, the practice of Sant Mat is important, and even an opportunity to improve rigid practices in psychoanalysis.

Psychoanalysis often takes years, and may require hundreds of sessions with an analyst. Meditation and Analytic Psychocatharsis, on the other hand, can be exercised at home and is more effective in practice. At times, some issues are better solved in a direct talk with a more advanced adept individual, such as a teacher or even a psychoanalyst.

Instead of conducting asceticism in fully mystical devotion and in rhetoric dialogues with a Deva guru for years, it is sufficient to intellectually collaborate alongside with exercising ARE-VID-EOR (and other FORMULA-WORDs). This would pave the way not only for practical benefit, but also enable contribution to the sciences.

Practicing Surat Shabd Yoga alone (as with any Yoga for all that much) keeps the individual excluded from modern scientific discourse. Such exclusion even extends to Western culture. No one can rationally and plausibly explain how the Yoga is working or what the meaning of Sach Kand is. It is surely necessary to practice ARE-VID-EOR with devotion, but a detour past the so-called ‘astral-mental’ need not be made.


An additional supplement not yet mentioned is found in the fact that ORA also means: a countryside and rope that can be tied together in a knot. We are probably looking at diverging underlying etymologies.

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