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NDE and Sex

Greatly emphasized female aspects play a decisive role in Kirpal Singh’s Surat Shabd Yoga, namely devotion (attention) and receptiveness (assignment). Such emphasis of femininity is often found in mysticism.

Freud’s famous analysis of President Schreber’s book puts extreme emphasis on the matter.1 Schreber believes in the necessity of becoming ‘God’s mate’, and this to the point of an almost transsexual enjoyment, including all corresponding transitions to his body that he thinks to experience.

Freud interprets this delusion as being suppressed homosexuality. Many female mystics had similar experiences in which they thought to be burning in body-love-flames. But why be so laborious about it? Why, as a man, would it be necessary to initially enter another, female and spherical enjoyment in order to finally gain knowledge? Certainly, traditional psychoanalysis is not in the position to fully comprehend such areas as NDE, female desire or psychotic structures.

Patients are not able to ‚freely associate’ directly from the brain- or ‘eye focal point’- This is where a very problematic line is drawn between analytic practice, and for which reason I want to achieve expansion and immersion of such practice by applying FORMULA-WORDs.

An Indian pupil with his capability of ‚gaining pleasure directly from hope’ would probably do better in this matter, since in his eyes ‘God lives’ in every blade of grass, in each ‘little thing’ – quoting Indian author A. Roy. Thereby, he certainly brought himself near the danger zone of a psychotic-like reaction. But Western pupils usually experienced it the other way round.

It was impossible for him to raise asceticism to his final goal, since what tortured the ‘virtuous man’, as the famous author J. Franzen correctly describes, were the sounds and noise of love from an adjacent hotel room, or the 'dirty magazine' that was coincidentally under the telephone book, or especially the physical exercises of some girls on the playground next door, "... whereby one of the girls teetered so well at her crotch it looked as if she wanted to kiss the lawn with her cotton-covered vulva”. . . 2 Especially Kirpal Singh’s most eager pupils were tortured by sexual ‘content’ – just as many catholic priests are confused by the thought of Christ’s genitals. 3

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