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Sex and ARE - VID - EOR

Let’s not forget, that desire, for example, is not even meant when concerning the Other’s sexuality, nor the word ‚sex’ (sexual) in the sense of its common usage. The flamboyant illumination of ‘!!SEX!!’ creates much ado, but it’s ‘big smoke with no fire’.

Sex is not sex for the absolute Other. According to Freud and Lacan, it is better to speak of enjoyment (samadhi), than of sexuality.

Such enjoyment in essence, such Other’s enjoyment is not depictable in male, phallic enjoyment! Subsequently, ‘mergence’ with the ‘master’s’ Deva form only illustrates such enjoyment. And, it has a disadvantage: It is lost forever somewhere along the line, or expressed otherwise: disappears from the Deva level forever. It was simply always somehow abstruse, idolatrous, divergent.

Omni-vision (omni-perception) is not true omni-vision, but only an instance of insight under extreme circumstances. Initially, the Other's assignment is only an “Enjoy!”, a contradictory imperative as is already stated in Ecclesiastes. This is why NDE, just as a ‚mergence’ with a ‘master’ in mediation, is nothing other than an initiated dissolution of transference (i.e., of infantile ‘mergence phantasm’).

The Other’s ‘sex’ is the symptom / sinthom, or suffering – with ‘nirvikalpi-samadhi’-enjoyment lurking in the shadows. In this concern I have already quoted R. Golan, who calls such enjoyment the ‚feminitiy’, and which not only accompanies pleasure, but also pain and suffering.

An NDE is not actual death. You can be within such a ‘samadhi’ at will, but the option is secluded at some time. It is possible to dissolve the transference without samadhi, if full awareness arises, that any sexual activity always leaves a remnant of dissatisfaction.

Recognizing where enjoyment is only phallic, or subject to an incestuous character, would allow becoming Freud’s or Indian analytic G. Bose’s successor, who combines ‘man’ and ‘woman’ with undifferentiated enjoyment (and not alone in phallic sexuality), or as in conjectural science1.

Moreover, succeeding Kirpal Singh would also only be possible were I to start at ‘Nirvikalpi-Samadhi’ and to go so far as to accept the ‘assignment’ and the enjoyment in allowing each of these to go its own way. After all, sex, or ‘pleasure, is only an inhibitor for enjoyment’(J. Lacan).

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