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The Straight and the Warped

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gekrmmt16aThis book describes a psychoanalysis 'vice versa', namely with which more complex psychic illnesses and psychosomatic disturbances are treatable. A clinic case study is used to describe the author's theory and practice of the method. While psychoanalysis delivers the prerequisites for the theory, practice  is based on 'exercised processes' such as autogenous training. But the focus lies on so-called FORMULA-WORDS which allow a combination of both psychotherapeutic methods in a scientific manner.

The author, Dr. Günter von Hummel, practices General Medicine and Psychotherapy, and has published his theory and practice in seminars and lectures.

The book was originally published in 2005 at the Books on Demand Verlag, Norderstedt, Germany and is in German language. A translation into English is pending.

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