Analytic Psychocatharsis

... combining meditation with science

School of Love

An Attempt on the Dialectics of Love

In order to describe the phenomenon of love, 'speaking otherwise' is necessary. Just as is generally the case in psychoanalysis. The unconscious, namely, the Other's language - as J. Lacan says. This Other, who is non other than the Other in oneself,


can also be addressed by applying a method of concentrated exercises. It centers around the elaboration


of so-called FORMULA-WORDS that utilise aspects of psychoanalyis as a basis for theory as well as for practice.

The author, Dr. Günter von Hummel, practices General Medicine and Psychotherapy, and has published his theory and practice in seminars and lectures.

The book was published in 2002 at the agenda Verlag, Münster, Germany and is in German language. A translation into English is pending.


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