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Signifier God?

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Psychoanalysis of an immortal Rumour

signifbild3The drive to look (an IT SHINES) and the drive to speak (an IT SPEAKS) are primal principles, basic drives of the human being. Based on this re-formulation of psychoanalysis developed by J. Lacan, it is not only possible to establish a better and simpler theory, but also, to derive a practical application for the individual. Such an application centers around the elaboration of so-called FORMULA-WORDS that are not only gained from psychoanalytic knowledge.

The author demonstrates that even Jesus Christ had already practiced such psychotherapy, as is recognised in His dialogues. The description of His dialogues illustrates the book's text as well as general practice in psychotherapy.

The author, Dr. Günter von Hummel, practices General Medicine and Psychotherapy, and has published his theory and practice in seminars and lectures.

The book was published in 2002 with the title: Signifikant Gott? at the agenda Verlag, Münster, Germany and is in German language. A translation into English is pending.

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