Analytic Psychocatharsis

... combining meditation with science

Conjectural Thinking


Exercises in the Psychology of Perception and Self-Awareness

The Neanderthal Man disposed of an 'oral gaze', a type of LOOKING that was totally dedicated to the nead to eat (oral needs), and which reached as far as to ritual cannibalism. But, dedication requires to be expressed, or voiced, so a kind of SPEAKING was included. LOOKING and SPEAKING are basic drives, primal principles of the human being that are closely combined to each other.

Were it possible to represent a very succinct formulation together with primal linguistics, then we would arrive at the Neanderthal Man's psychoanalysis. And with that, at a highly consolidated psychoanalytic method of practice. The theory and practice of such a method are described in scientific manner.

The author, Dr. Günter von Hummel, practices General Medicine and Psychotherapy, and has published his theory and practice in seminars and lectures.

The book was originally published in 2002 at the agenda Verlag, Münster, Germany and is in German language. In 2004 the book was completed revised and received a new title: Das Konjekturale Denken. A translation into English is pending. A website: has been dedicated to the subject. More information is found there - in English as well as in German.

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