Introduction to ARE - VID - EOR


is such a name. It does not originate in Sanskrit. As Kirpal Singh always said: „Sanskrit is not the lingua franca of spirituality”, stressing that the meaning of his Sanskrit names did not lie in Old Indian language, but in others, too.

ARE – VID – EOR originates in Latin.

Sanskrit as well as Latin are both very well suited to be a basis for formulations, mantras and FORMULA – WORDS in meditation. ARE – VID – EOR is namely a SHINES / SPEAKS – formulation of the first degree, since significantly more words, imaginations, meanings and pictures are hidden therein than in this one image of a word (or, word of an image). Were you to read it starting from a different letter, each in turn, then a variety of versions result:

A RE VIDEOR I am seen by something
REVIDE ORA Look again, pray!
EVIDE ORAR Recognize therefore: I am spoken!
VIDE ORA RE Look, speak, in truth!
VI DEORARE Fully speaking with power.
VIDEO RARE I perceive unusually.
IDEO RARE V Therefore, seldom five.
DE ORARE VI On speaking with persuasion.
DEO RARE VI To the god, sometimes with strength.
EO RARE VID(E) Seldom look there!
AREVI DEO R I am dehydrated by the god R.
ORARE VIDE Look at prayer (speech)!
ORA RE VIDE Through the vicinity, throughthe matter, see!

Confusion couldn't be greater for a Latin connoisseur attempting to gather a message from these versions. And yet, this is just the way the unconscious is designed: It is similar to a self-written text, but which can only be deciphered and read by the individual’s own. Distinct pictures, meanings and imaginations may well be seen in it, even though they are partly senseless.

But more on what is really meant, or which meaning would be the most important, is not, or not yet, visible. It is as in Kirpal Singh's ‘loaded names’, which don't have direct reference to daily life, but are just ‘holy names’, unconscious names, or names with a special value and abstract use. So, just - even if it sounds paradox: nameless names.

So while the ‚names’ have mystical load, valuation, or a mythical ‚power’ to them in Surat Shabd Yoga, ARE-VID-EOR is a name that distinguishes itself through its special formation, shape and linguistic, psychoanalytic ‘knowledge’. While knowledge of such ‚power’ remains obscure in mystics, it proves to be obvious in science.

Kirpal Singh could not explain why he preferred to and used names as ‘onkar’ or ‘rarankar’. He could only say that they were traditional, and he received them as ‘loaded namnes’ from his guru. The name ARE-VID-EOR is established on interleaved nestings of several names that are written the same way.

And more so, they use the same letters and phonemes. However, a common denominator can't be set for them. This is a case of homology, or better: Homography. Several associations can be extracted, even though it is only one formulation.


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