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Astral Level - A Line

So, the way across the astral-mental-Deva level is .... just a detour. You can shortcut to the mental-causal level by reducing the astral elements to the most simple combination possible: to the SHINES as conjectures, or knots from the individual to the Other, from the practitioner to the master, from Alpha to Omega, from confusing numbers to set theoretical objects.

Actually, the astral level can only be looked upon as a line.

Yogis often describe it as an astral rope or silver rope1. It inscribes itself directly into mentality, whereby it contributes to causality, or to the causal level, as the triade mentioned above. To speak here of God as if in a relationship to a follower (and God as a master-teacher) would clearly be mystical-mythical, and thus not so suitable for my attempt in laying forth a biography which attempts to consider psychoanalytic, scientific aspects.

Kirpal Singh's attitude here is quite similar and fairly clear: No one is God, and God is not a 'someone', nor a designated entity, nor definitively describable! It may be possible to say, that one has realized Him in oneself through having developed the SHINES / SPEAKS to its authentic, most crystalline form, its best suitable topology.


1 ‚Silver cord' is a term for the SHINES connection to the SPEAKS. In geometric terms it would be the phenomenon of the 'infinite straight'. The term can probably also be said to include a primal notation, or, as modern physicists might put it: a 'string' in which the SHINES is written as a cord-like line in the form of the SPEAKS, and which continues its notation in that way. The 'infinite straight' is an abstractness and Lacan has shown that it can only be written within a knot (i.e. the Borromäic knot, vide the illustrations further on). Such a relation-line can be 'sensed' or experienced as a cordlike 3d image.

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