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Boromiac Knot, Moebius Band, Shines and Speaks

Why not simply take the names, or FORMULA-WORDs in their ‚loadedness’, meaning in their enjoyment potential, or in their capability of giving way to the most original of enjoyment while knowing their construction?

The ‘names’ need to be left in the way they are structured, be it analytically, linguistic, topologic or otherwise.

Then they need to be not only exercised, but also to be used in art or in science (whatever the case may be). And naturally, whoever implicitly wants to re-use them only for mysticism should do it. Exercising Surat Shabd Yoga undoubtedly supplies a better understanding, just as exercising suggested names does (of which ARE – VID – EOR is only one of its kind), and even a better understanding for such matters as physics, for example.

I may refer to the Big Bang, Black Holes and what lies ‘beyond’ them. Of course, what lies ‘beyond' them is 'light’, meaning a SHINES that is vastly detached from the laws of physics (physical laws are no longer valid beyond the event horizon). Saying this then is a certain kind of SPEAKS, and so the exercises reconvene with theory.

The SHINES / SPEAKS constitutes a basic triad, or basic threefold form, especially in association with a FORMULA – WORD, just as in Lacan's representation of various knots. Illustration 16 demonstrates this for the Borromäic knot. A triad form is already found in the Möbius band, and is best demonstrated on Boys’ plain.

There, one single plain intertwines multiple times towards the inside and out. Any possible variant of conjectural lines would be imaginable in order to depict the combination of attention and of the Other’s ‘assignment’ in Surat Shabd Yoga as well as in psychoanalysis. I have repeatedly mentioned that this topology can be directly experienced by the individual adapting his own body image to such shapes (SHINES). These, in turn, enable independent statements (SPEAKS) to the topologic lines.

All of these illustrative approaches only represent possibilities to converge on what is valid in physics, in Surat Shabd Yoga and in psychoanalysis as well as in mathematical topology, namely: A basic triad. “The tri-link chain is an exemplary case”. It is the generator of all.

1 Whether it be the Cantors’ Set, a physical structure or a vision of a master together with its SPEAKS, they all suffice this condition, and which is also ideally schematized in ARE - VID – EOR. Indeed, in that case it is even best schematized, since it can be exercised and put to use in daily practice.

And that’s not all that can be done with it. It can even be applied as an approach to understanding, inscribing and formulating scientific coherences. I am not able to express it in a more illustrative or precise way. I will close this theoretical explanation with one last picture and then enter into detailed explanation of the very practical side of Analytic Psychocatharsis. You will see that the individual needs to experience it in such a compact form himself.

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