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Primal Principles and Sound, Light

The WFAE addresses the fact, that tones and sounds emitted from our environment are substantial for the human's well-being and mental constitution. The members of the organization are occupied, for example, with quietness, of which there are said that over 800 instances exist in Japan alone.

Their scripts also refer to a very wide and diverging variety of noise and clamor. They go into detail when analyzing and describing the sound of countryside, the lisp of rivers, the whisper of a tree's leaves' ornament, the tone of wood, or the call of birds.

They say, that the tranquility under a widely open sky is something completely different, than that which we perceive when cacophony exists simultaneously, or when other sensual perceptions are made at the same time. Sound and timbre, tones and noise are perceived by people in different ways, depending on the situation and/or culture. Were we not to know from Kirpal Singh, that there exists 'light', then we would actually believe that 'sound' is the sole origin of all activity in this world. And insofar, it seems quite so, that the WFAE people are slightly biased.

This also goes for C.F. Berendt, who wrote a book solely on the subject of the world of 'sound'.1 There we recognize that he makes admirable statements of the musical type concerning the world of tones and on the essence of sounds. But, the book seems to be one-sided. It seems to lack: the world of visuality, of colors and phenomena of light, indeed, the transcendence inherent to the substance of visuality as such, namely the SHINES that appears beyond the physics of the so-called 'black holes'.

Somehow, both of the primal principles belong together, even though they may never really merge with each other.

In this sense, and through meeting with his 'master', Kirpal Singh also experienced being brought to the real basis of knowledge and to the practice of spiritual science. And thereby, he did not only experience one primal principle in which clear combinations rule from the start, but many (especially two) of them.


1 Nada Brahma, Die Welt als Klang, published at Insel-Verlag (1983)

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