Analytic Psychocatharsis - The Method in Brief - Example

Quite an amusing example for the value of this second exercise, and especially for the expected results of both exercises, namely for the ID-, PASSWORDS is: />A person, who was extremely critical of the method of analytic psychocatharsis, but who had been exercising it for a good while, suddenly thought as if from far away, as if an inspiration, or as if he had actually almost heard it: "Nothing said!"

But, it wasn't only this experience that convinced him of the functionality within the analytic psychocathartical method, even understood more of the way the unconscious is constructed, namely, often through counter -cathexis, through an "other-way-round" of the unconscious. On the other hand, the opinion of which he was aware of went to say that such a psychotherapeutic method was actually meaningless, nonsense, or bushwah.

However, his unconscious, at the same moment, suggested a small revelation, or genuine interpretation, namely, that he had had resistance, that his unconscious actually speaks "truth", because it is like a word of the OTHER, the OTHER within and around us. And even though it dawned upon him, that this was something of his own, from within, he still had the feeling, as if it were someone else, a teacher or an interpreter who had implanted it.

Experiencing it that way is completely different than would a practitioner, after a time of critical doubt, have the following conscious thought: Well, maybe there is something to this method. He would only have been slightly convinced by this external logic. But, as this became to him from deep within, as if it were something strange from within his own insides, conviction is a different one. Suddenly, the tones and the murmuring from within brought forth just such a differentiation. First and foremost, this produces a key experience (analytic, a SPEAKS) and additionally, a bit psychocatharsis (liberation, cleansing, a SHINES). In the process such an experience, the: "Nothing said!" and the subsequent insight into the meaningful background, have nothing to do with mystics. It is the unconscious that appears and is heard here, since the "nothing said" is such a brief, almost image-like formulation, or bolt, that also produces a light cathartic feeling.

As in autogenous training, the method is exercised in seated fashion. Is it to be used for falling asleep, then of course, while lying down. This enables quicker entry into dreamlike situations and subsequent normal sleep. It is of importance that all other thoughts are pushed away, the ones that are otherwise suited for interpretation (short clauses), also, and that one sticks to the monotonous formula words.

The other way around, while being seated and when applying the method for self analysis. In these cases, the short clauses are naturally important, as they provide for insight into one's own unconscious aspirations, which can then be interpreted corresponding to psychoanalytic conception. For this, switching from the first to the second exercise is necessary. Should expected results not appear, then switching back to the first exercise, and back-and-forth, may be necessary. At times, a cathartic experience results alone, sometimes one only perceives a short clause, and other times both of these convene simultaneously as in the example above with the ID-or PASSWORDS. This, then, as a very special effect: analytic cognizance that is supported by psychocatharsis and vice versa.


(Translation by: Rudolf J. Osler)