Scientific Procedure for Formula Words 2

I will now suggest expressing the FORMULA-WORDS as knowledge (and not only as loaded) of the dense, strong and intertwined structure of the 'naming or ‘poetizing' (or as said in the beginning: the ‘good fortune of signing’).

This doesn’t require me to refer to a mystical power, which is possibly more understandable for children or for simple believers. What actually is a name, a signing process?

Could it be a Sanskrit name, the meaning of which would not be that important, but of which its value would lay in its specialty or uniqueness? Proper names – though not in the meaning of family names here – but names that are names in themselves, and need not be explained with a thousand other words. Names that are signifiers, primal names, name-names (if it needs be explained that blandly).1 Primal names, then, that explain why speaking with words, or denominal names, works at all!

After all, today's theory of linguistics and of speech is not really clear. Signifiers amongst themselves are equivalent (homologous). None has priority over another, and still, a string of them develops into a full sense of one-tongue-speak! It’s like a miracle.

And this miracle is found in the exercise of name-names. Any name could be used, were most them not already allocated a meaning! But if there are names, the sense of which lying in the self-revelation of the essence of their own nomenclature (pure structural formulation, or formula-formulation, which I call FORMULA WORDS), then they can be taken as knots, or as an intertwining of knowledge itself, or simply as ‘loaded names’. But, subsequently, they wouldn’t be called that anymore.

The ‚power’ lies in the knots, in the topology, or dynamics of such a conjectural science. It lies in the SHINES / SPEAKS, in the practical logics of such names and not necessarily in a mystical ‘power’, or esoteric ‘loadedness’. Geometry, and knowledge, and ‚love work’ are all ‚power’ and so such names demonstrate and reflect their own history of origin. They themselves symbolization of symbols and are therefore ideal for the psychoanalytic exercise I have announced above. Knowledge of such names is not concealed as is found in mystics, but the individual can follow their logic order, and continue.


Linguists confirm, that the first human words were so-called ‘watchwords’, or identity words; which is exactly the point here.