Reversing the approach to understanding precognition

Reversing the above approach, but explicably with the same phenomena, leads us to similar findings for precognition. Here, very much has already been related. The events in the lives of Kirpal Singh's devotees constantly revolved around the central phenomenon of their Guru and 'master'. An excessive and multi-level 'déjà raconté' (French for: just always told) is so contrasted by a continuous but totally unconscious basic scene, an initial and intensive meeting, namely a master-follower scene as a 'jamais vu' (French for: never seen). As this concerns a relation so strongly occupied with spirituality, it proves to be very difficult to correctly grasp essential aspects of it.

It is not difficult for someone who is the focus of such reflections and rhetoric, or more so, the knot of such, to make certain prophecies about the participants. Whenever reading reports of those enthusiastic followers you won't have difficulties in finding some of what Freud described as being 'incorrect' within the midst of somewhat diffuse, enthusiastically generalized stories of events around Kirpal Singh's pre-knowledge.

This doesn't mean that his followers wrote wrongly, or were erroneous in their findings. Such biographic and autobiographic narrations are mythical, mystical and just not quite precise, though they do represent valuable documentation, especially for scientific psychological contemplation. After all, they are a source for finding the dualism of reflections, scenic, on the one hand and resonance-rhetoric on the other, which will prove to be of aid in understanding this biography, and which itself frequents to and fro between the eastern and the western world.

Well then, precognition only occurs within the frame of certain reflection-scenes and echo-rhetoric, but does not go beyond. After all, we are dealing with widely drawn boundaries and pre-cognition or 'clairvoyance', though within such boundaries, may easily produce an impression of perfect omni-knowledge. By no means do I doubt the existence of certain forms of pre-cognition. Nor do we easily overcome such boundaries in exact sciences, i.e. in predicting the course of an illness in modern medicine, even if we often do achieve substantial accuracy and precision.