Introduction to the Exercises

The first exercise concerns concentration on the 'light' (SHINES) with simultaneous repetition of 'loaded names'. The individual sits in a comfortable posture and attends to seeing a kind of 'light' (or something of a SHINES)1. The eyes may be closed, but need not be, and an appearance would be 'sighted' with the inner eye.

This happens to be a type of dual perception. You could also determine it to be an abstraction of the perception process which accumulates in a spontaneous experience of something we can just call 'light' (shines). While in this process, the individual slowly and monotonously repeats the 'loaded names'.

The second exercise concerns concentration on the 'sound' (SPEAKS). Hereby, the individual needs to concentrate on the 'sound' that comes from the right side of the head, or from above. While most of the Indian devotees had no difficulties with instructions concerning the 'sound' necessarily coming in from the right side (or from above), many of the Western satsangis asked: just why should the 'sound' be coming from the right? Such a question wasn't even disrespectful for a moderately intellectual person of the Western world. The answer to this question from the representatives of Sant Mat was always the same: Kal (negative energy) is the left way, the master's way, though, is right. The question seems to have been evaded (from a scientific point of view).


1 Lacan emphasizes at some places of his work that there is neither enlightenment nor even "light" in psychoanalysis. Indeed, because of this, I also prefer the concept of the SHINES, topological strength or libido lines, which means analogous to geodetic lines, astrodetic lines, or even better: psychodetic lines, "fortune of signs". In the end, we could even speak of "love-ido" lines (love / libido) or, however, could speak of psycho- or love-ido-detics or directly: the Conjecturals.